Do Not Be Afraid

I recently read Max Lucado’s book Fearless (review forthcoming). In it, he discusses that one of the main messages Jesus gave us was “Do not be afraid.” Several times, his disciples are tested and, humans that they are, they give in to fear. Jesus asks them why they are afraid when he is with them. … Read more

You’re a Work in Progress

Here’s a secret. You’re not perfect. You sin, repent, and sin again. But God loves you anyway. He’s constantly working on you and in you. When you stumble or fall, and you will, cut yourself some slack. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and know that any scrapes or bruises you’ve received are there because … Read more

Listen Carefully

When you’re wondering what God’s plan is for your life, listen carefully. We’re always looking for that definitive answer we can point to and say “That’s His plan for me!” But sometimes His guidance can be as subtle as a butterfly flittering by on the breeze. Keep your eyes and ears open. Look for that … Read more

Don’t Keep Your Blinds Closed

As I was sitting during my quiet time today, I happened to look over at the window. I could see through the blinds that it was a sunny, beautiful day outside. I debated for a moment on whether I should open the blinds and let the sunshine in. It then occurred to me that there … Read more