Cast Your Bread Upon The Water

When I was young, we often took family vacations in our van, which had an 8-track. We’d listen to The Imperials over and over, pretty much until the tape wore out. I recently ran across some of those old tunes on iTunes and downloaded them. I couldn’t believe they were actually available, but I was so glad that they were. It was a blast from the past and a reminder of great childhood memories. Not surprisingly, I remembered most, if not all, the lyrics, even with my horrible memory. One of my favorite songs was Bread On The Water.

The song acknowledges that keeping the Christian faith can be difficult, especially if you don’t see God’s blessings right away, but it encourages Christians to keep on living in the way God wants you to and to keep on giving. Soon it will come back to you. This is how I’ve tried to live my life. Yes, I’ve had disappointments and discouraging times, but it’s my faith that’s brought me through it.

But don’t you waver
Keep on living
In the way God wants you to
Don’t get discouraged
Keep on giving
Soon it will come back to you

I’ve personally seen this work in my life and the lives of others. You don’t know how or when it’ll come back to you, but you will be blessed for the good that you do.

One of my favorite passages is:

Keep on working, seeking the Kingdom
Instead of working for your needs
Keep on sharing the love of Jesus
You know, growing comes from planting seeds

I have planted seeds and have watched them grow and bloom. I’m watching long-time friends who have completely turned their lives around come to the point where they are now paying it forward and planting seeds themselves.


Keep on casting
Your bread upon the water
Soon it’s gonna come back home on every wave

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