God Sends You Signs

I firmly believe that God sends us signs, little clues, that we’re on the right track or that things will turn out ok. For me, it’s butterflies. It seems nearly every time in my life when I was at a low point or had a big decision to make, a beautiful butterfly would flitter across my path. It seems to happen way too often to be coincidental.

One of the biggest decisions I ever had to make was whether or not to purchase a house. My husband and I were touring a soon-to-be finished house (it still needed paint, floors, carpet, appliances, cabinets, etc). We were in the master bedroom looking out to the backyard. I voiced my concerns to my husband. “I love it and it’s a good price, but that’s still a lot of money.” Just then, a big, beautiful Tiger Swallowtail flitted through the backyard. My husband pointed to it, “There’s your butterfly. We HAVE to buy this house now.” And we did. It was the right decision. We named our house Butterfly Crossing and butterflies and crosses adorn its walls.

I’ve been a bit emotional this week. I’ve been laid off and it’s my last week at work. I won’t miss the stress, but I’ll miss the amazing people I work with. I know great things are in store for me. I’m not too concerned about being unemployed because God never takes anything away without giving you something better. I’m excited to see what’s next for me. Still, there are little worries here and there. I was pondering the future yesterday afternoon, looking out the 2nd story window of our building at work. A bright, gorgeous yellow Tiger Swallowtail flitted around the window long enough for me to see it and then it was gone. I smiled, as my heavenly Father knew what I was thinking and was telling me “It’ll be alright.”

These butterflies are the inspiration for this site. Pay attention and look for your own signs that God is sending you.

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