One Thing I Take For Granted

As I sit here in my bed, sick, I realized there are things we take for granted every day. Good health is one of them, of course, but one thing you may not have realized you were taking for granted is your voice. You see, laryngitis has temporarily taken mine away.

In this day and age of technology, there have never been so many ways for us to communicate and express ourselves, to share our “voice” in the figurative sense. But nothing surpasses the human voice in terms of expression. Text can convey ideas and even passion, but without the intricacies of a human voice behind it, much is left up to interpretation. Our voice is a direct line to our minds. The inflections and intonations give audible cues to our moods, our emotions, and our intentions that simple text just can’t convey. Punctuation certainly tries hard enough, but it’s no match.

I know my voice will return. I’ve been through bouts of laryngitis before. But one can’t help but feel a little isolated when such an important and reliable form of communication has been shut down. It’s frustrating to be sure. I’m just glad I have the written word to communicate with until my voice returns.

So, as you’re enjoying tweeting your latest adventures, blogging about your favorite topics, and using technology to disseminate your thoughts to the world, don’t take your real voice for granted. Call your mom and catch her up on your latest life adventures. Make a lunch date with a friend and talk about topics you’re both passionate about. Exercise your real voice and appreciate how much it does for you. :)

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