Things That Make Me Happy – Part 2

In Part 1 of my Things That Make Me Happy series, I posted 13 things that came to mind that made me happy. But there are so many wonderful things and experiences on this earth that I can’t possibly fit them all into one post. In fact, building a Things That Make Me Happy list makes me so happy, that it might just become a daily habit to add to it whenever I see or hear or experience something that makes me happy. When the list gets big enough, I’ll share them here with you. I hope you’ll comment and share what makes you happy too!

Things That Make Me Happy

  • My husband humming a cheery tune around the house.
  • My budgies making little warbling and trilling sounds.
  • Reading a good story.
  • The way my dog is so excited to see me, even if I’ve only been gone 5 minutes.
  • Seeing other people happy. It’s contagious!
  • Hearing children laugh.
  • Fits of laughter so intense that your stomach hurts and your eyes water afterwards.
  • Having breakfast for dinner.
  • Hearing the hopes and dreams of others.
  • Seeing others accomplish their dreams.
  • Having flexibility to live life on my schedule. (That’s a rare pleasure!)
  • Having a friend tell me the advice I gave them really helped.
  • Having a prayer answered.
  • Receiving wisdom from a conversation with someone much older than me.
  • Pondering all the wonderful possibilities that lay ahead of me. (I’ve always been a bit of a day dreamer.)
  • Being able to share my knowledge and experience with someone who needs it.
  • Seeing the excited look on the face of a child who just accomplished something great or overcame something difficult.
  • Falling asleep in a newly made bed with fresh, clean sheets.
  • Lingering in the cozy warmth of bed just a little longer than my alarm clock wants me to.

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