A Reminder To Be Grateful

There’s a lot we take for granted. We become so busy, so involved in worldly matters, that we worry more about what we want and don’t have than taking time to reflect and be grateful for what we do have.

Sometimes it takes seeing those less fortunate than yourself to realize just what you have and to make you feel grateful for it. And many of those less fortunate, despite their lack, are grateful for what they do have. I have seen so many people with “less” that are so much happier than those with “more”. It’s all a matter of attitude.

Being grateful is, in my opinion, a big component to being happy. Using your talents and the assets you do have to the best of your ability will foster a more positive attitude. When you start to dwell more upon the positive, the negatives don’t seem like obstacles anymore.

There is an old saying “I was sad I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” Meet Nick Vujicic, a man with no feet… and no legs, and no arms. His inspiring videos, his book Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life, and workshops have given many a new perspective and touched countless lives. He went through dark times, depression, wondering about his purpose, but when he changed his attitude and focused on the positive, he overcame the obstacles in his way. His body may have limits, but his mind and spirit don’t. He is grateful for what he does have and he uses it to the best of his ability. He challenges people and inspires them. If he can be  happy in his situation, why can’t you? Just his being reminds people of what they have and what they should be grateful for.

Take a moment to explore Nick’s website, Attitude is Altitude, be inspired, and reflect on what blessings you have to be grateful for.

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