Mission Impossible

Accomplish The Impossible!

Sometimes life feels like Mission Impossible. The tasks ahead of us seem so monumental. We feel burdened by work, finances, social obligations, family, poor choices, and an endless number of other things that keep us from reaching the finish line. There is always something to worry about. We feel we simply don’t have the resources, talent, or determination to accomplish the impossible like Peter Graves and his crew did every week.

Somehow, we seem to forget that we have the best we could ever possibly have in our corner, God. If you feel burdened, tell Him. He’ll gladly shoulder some of that burden for you. If you’ve made poor choices, ask Him for forgiveness, put the past behind you, and work towards the future. If you need help, if you simply cannot continue the way you are, ask Him to lead the way. You may feel like you’re alone, like you’re facing an impossible mission, but you never really are. If you’re doing His will, life won’t be impossible.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. – Philippians 4:13

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